Friday, December 17, 2010

gingerbread houses and mexican food...

last night chris and i had a few couples from the neighborhood over for a very serious gingerbread house decorating contest. i was originally going to cook all kinds of stuff but woke up and decided to have it catered (best move ever). we had rubios tacos with all the trimmings, mexican coke and of course cupcakes.

please forgive my photos, i didn't check my settings and they were all kinds of wonky. in fact some didn't turn out all together. sad.

this was ours. just a modern little cabana complete with a couch and a coke machine!

nicole's turned out great after a really wobbly start...

the romney's won the vote. the photo doesn't do justice. it was raised up with a stream flowing underneath. amazing.

the london's was pretty hilarious but didn't quite stay together :(

i am so sad my photo of the perry's amazing house with rain deer cutouts didn't even come close to turning out and also the one i took of the donahoue's house that they constructed in 5 min. oh well. there's always next year.

i love christmas time :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

getting my zest back...

well. i think i can officially say i am on the mend after a month straight of feeling more like a zombie than actual human being. but as you can gather from the photo, i am pregnant! and have never been more excited (well, except for the 2 other times!) after trying for what seemed like ages (really just 7 months) it is happening!

little girls are so excited and constantly ask about baby. chris and i got a little sneak peek yesterday and there was the little bean kicking its arms and legs and moving all around. i of course bawled my head of when i first saw the flicker of the heart beating. magic. totally made living with my head in the toilet worth it :) i am due the beginning of july so i'm 11 weeks along now. so happy that i am already feeling a little relief from the horrendous, non-stop nausia and throwing up (totally different than my first two pregnancies) i roll because everyone always says "must be a boy" but i am 100% it's another girl and couldn't be more thrilled (either way though of course)

merry, merry christmas to us!

hope you are all enjoying the magic of the holiday season... :)

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Poor Sissy...

This is Ann...
Sister has, lets say "lost her zest"...and I need to get it back for her. I mean how long has it been since she blogged last? like a year.
The question is how?!?!