Monday, January 31, 2011

almost half way...

i am loving feeling baby move every night when i lay down to go to sleep. he is so cute. i can already tell :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011


my girls share a room and i love it. i always find them in their room when they should be sleeping, playing and using their imaginations... just a few days ago i woke up at 6:30 to the sound of giggles to find this...

sadly, the day is fast approaching that they will no longer share a room. they are so excited about their new rooms and have spent a ton of time with me looking at fabrics, duvets, curtains and pillows (though nowhere near as much time as i have, it's a full blown obsession)

we came up with a few colors that we are hoping to work around, here is a little peek...

estee just says pink everything so i wanted to to do a mauvey pink w/ navy and grey so hopefully it wont look just like another pink little girl's room. she likes it.
simone's colors are based around a really great chair i found at D.I. that i plan on using in the room. yes, the chair is that cute to plan a whole room around though i am in love with the color scheme either way.

and here is a little collage of a few items we are loving (these will probably change a million times before we decide :) )

i had to really narrow down considering i have like 25 bedding sets saved to my computer that i love.

so this next month i will be painting and sewing (umm, i mean having chris paint and mom sew!) and picking out everything. can you tell i'm a little excited about this project.


once again i am shopping for a few more items for the girl's room and the nursery. i am reviewing another lovely item from one of csn's over 200 online stores. they carry everything from swing set to modern baby furniture! i cant decide!

i will let you know what i find! :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i guess we were wrong simone...

little, sweet simone. she pulls at my heartstrings all day long. her voice, her smile, her shy way... oh, and those snuffaluffagus eyelashes of hers.

i wonder when she will realize how totally and completely wrapped around her finger i am?

she was so sure baby was a girl, maybe even more sure than me. after the tech announced it was a boy she walked up right next to him and put her face close to the screen and said "but i thought it was a goowull" (she has a tough time with r's!) it was honestly the cutest thing i've ever seen.

she's going to be the sweetest big sister any baby boy could ask for.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


surprised chris at work with a cookie. he was of course ecstatic!

today i found out this tiny baby inside my tummy is a little boy! my heart instantly melted and i love this little guy so much already.

did i mention i was completely shocked? i was SURE it was a girl!

feeling blessed and grateful. now onto names and nursery... :)

and look at this little guys profile :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

do you know what today is...?

it's my blog-aversary!

5 years! can you believe it? i can't.

i thought it would be fun to take a look back...

just a small taste of the hundreds of banners this blog has seen...

and some of my favorite moments (this is gonna be long, hope i don't bore you!)

it all satrated with this nerdy post with typos and all. what a dip i am.

totally remember writing this post about ann.

i am pretty sure this is one of the only photos of estee's nursery i have. we only lived her for a few months after she was born. it was so cute.

remember how i used to scrapbook?

this post makes me laugh! i had no idea what i was in for... honestly, i wish i never had done photography for money. it ruined it a little for me. sad.

remember the tagged phenom of 2006? funny.

100 things about me...

seeing simone for the first time!

the best trip ever. here and here

the basement in our old house... lots of blood, sweat and tears went into that place.

one of the best days of my life.

then the worst.

i miss this room.

i roll at this.

oh disneyworld.

my favorite video of all time.

i need to do this with simone!

another perfect trip.

this makes me so happy.

loved this project.

still cant believe this happened. it haunts me.

when i decided to quit.

if i didn't have a blog, i would have forgotten this.

moving is the pits.

but we live in a house we love now.

ann got pregnant! i threw her a shower.

and then i got to fall in love all over again.

still my favorite family photos.

estee cant look at this photo of simone without crying.

I turned 30!!

and now i am pregnant again... hooray :)

i cant tell you how happy i am that i made the decision to start this blog 5 years ago. i have had some great opportunities and met some wonderful people.

but the greatest part of this blog is that i have documented so much of who i am, and what our life is about. thinking about my kids one day reading this makes me so happy.

yay for mommy bloggers! :)

and thank you so much for your supportive comments and kindness along the way...!

Monday, January 10, 2011

thick a thunk.

i feel silly because you can hardly see my little baby bump in the photo... however, my hips and thighs let you know something is going on :) and oh how i love little estee poking her head from behind, of course posing (i had no clue)

and just in case you forgot about my other adorable little girl (who is not as fond of the camera as her big sister)... let me refresh your memory.

five and a half...

the other day we were pulling out of a parking lot when i hear hear estee softly say " it's not thair" (her vocab is hilarious now that she lost her front tooth... oh i didn't tell you about that? what a lame blogger i am. i will show you a photo soon) anyway, i ask back "what's not fair estee?" and she points out the window at a girl who looks to be 9 or 10 and says "that girl is older than me" i rolled for a min. and then turned around and told her she would be her age before we knew it. which made me a little sad. this little girl is growing up so fast i can hardly stand it.

and boy can she pose for a photo.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

last night i took myself down to the new sephora at fashion place and got a shiny new makeover (well really just my makeup done) the girl who did it was really great and since i told her i am pretty natural when it comes to makeup she didn't totally cake it on. i ended up buying pretty much everything she used which means i liked it i guess.

the last couple months have been rough and literally, i have not even felt like myself, more like a really, really lame version of myself... so it feels good to get back on track, cooking, cleaning, getting dressed (sounds sad right?)

also, this here little blog is going to be whipped back into shape. i am totally redoing the look (however i will miss my trusty banner) and i have some projects in the works around my house (new bedrooms for the girls and a nursery!!) hopefully there are still a few of you who actually still visit (hi mom!)...

i think i am going to take myself down to the mall again next week to find out what i am having. i seriously cant wait a second longer... simone and i are sure it's a girl but chris, estee and my whole family think boy?!?... i'll let you know!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

hello twenty eleven!

estee is in heaven on christmas eve at great grandma's house holding penny lee...

time is moving too quickly. i want to complain about it, but i really can't because it is all so good. my little girls, my husband, our life, home, baby on the way. it almost seems like it just keeps getting better and better.

i hope this next year brings nothing but goodness for you too, really and truly :)