Thursday, February 24, 2011


we got to see baby boy last week. once again he was kicking like a mad man. it was pretty darling. everything looks perfect. what a blessing. we cant wait to meet him...

my friend nicole taught a sewing class and i was so excited because she is so talented. we learned to make a bag and a pillow with a zipper. i cant tell you how excited i am to start sewing for my kids, i have tons of ideas and hopefully now i have the skills to execute them... i guess we will see.

a bad iphone photo of my pillow. i kind of copied this one that i'm obsessed with.

i'm off to make a cheesecake... i've been thinking about cheesecake for weeks. :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

teen queens...

the other day i was cleaning up around the house and the girls were trying on their millionth outfit of the day when i heard the sound of photobooth on the computer (you know the beep, beep, beeeeeeep) i walked in the den to find them posed and hamming it up for the camera. when i looked at them later, i couldn't believe how big they looked to me. simone is looking like such a big girl these days, i can hardly see any traces of a toddler.

they are besties for sure and that makes me so happy.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

little melon...

i am officially half way. i cant believe it. baby is kicking like crazy and starting to make some room for himself... that makes me happy because i am sick of looking chubby. i am chubby, don't get me wrong, but i think i have a pretty good excuse. right now i just look chubby.

we have picked baby's name out already. chris has had his son's name picked out since i met him. it's really a good one, plus it's a family name on both sides so it is perfect. i'm not ready to commit though cause it could change? (he'll die when he reads that)

i am craving dounies like crazy and since i discovered branbury cross i cant stop. plus they have a drive thru. trouble.

the girls wake up every morning and ask all about baby. how did he sleep? did he kick? it's pretty adorable.

big ultrasound is thur. i cant help but be nervous. excited more though to see him again :)

20 more weeks to go...!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


estee is a little ski bunny, she spent all day on the mountain and loved every second...

we spent the weekend up in park city with ann, adam and jude at a lodge at the base of park city resort. chris' parents have a time share so we decided to put it to use.

the weekend started off great... skiing, eating at great restaurants, lounging around. everything changed sat. night when the girls both got high fevers out of nowhere. long story short, they both have strep throat and simone has croup on top of it. sad. especially since i have been bragging on how healthy my kids have been this winter. anyway, they are doing better and chris and i are going to get back up to park city later on this week for a date night if the girls get back feeling 100%

honestly, what's worse than when your baby's are sick? and on vacation? the pits.