Thursday, March 31, 2011

baby boy stuff...

tomorrow (friday) i am 27 weeks. i am getting huge and keep thinking how i cant believe i am only going to get bigger! but baby boy has a real hold on me already and i am getting so excited to meet him :)

the excitement to meet him was only heightened this morning when the fed ex guy delivered his layette i ordered from kate quinn organics ... it is just as beautiful and buttery soft as i imagined. i loved pulling out each piece daydreaming about baby boy wearing each one. my favorites are the seahorse kimono bodysuit and all of the infant sacques but really, each piece is perfect. totally spensy, but i am finding most of the cute boy stuff is.

i also ordered some booties from pleasantly plump knits, she does custom orders so i got a striped pair to match a bunch of his layette and clothes and then these boots for the fall. they are so soft and well made and the designs are darling...

sister is pretty much the pro on good boy stuff so she pointed me in the direction of aden+anais for my swaddling needs. i ordered this set since i loved the print so much and since target now carries a line of their blankets (only a little smaller in size) i think i will get another set from there since again, they are speeeeency.

and i have to mention the formentera line at baby gap right now... the photos online dont do it justice, it is adorable. the little scooter print looks like little vespas and im always a sucker for black and cream. i scooped up a bunch of it while friends and family (30% off) was going on. i'm sort of in love with the little v-neck slim fitting onesies... so cute.

so please, please share your favorite boy finds with me... i am having so much fun buying stuff for this little guy... who knew?!?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


yesterday, the girls and i spent a good portion of the day making a cake. it was double layer vanilla with vanilla buttercream frosting. i took it to a church function with promises that i would bring them a slice home (i knew there would be lots of cake there)... but it got all eaten up, which made me pretty happy. the girls, not so much.

i loved the piled rosettes on the top...

estee came home from school today with this worksheet about what she wanted to be when she grew up. i cant get over the little picture she drew of her with the oven mitt and bakers cap. the stove and pot are pretty great too and i am obsessed that she spelled it bacr.

a week ago it was cowgirl and just a few days ago ballerina... is it selfish of me to really, really want this one to stick?!?

Monday, March 28, 2011


a few of us from bookclub got together for a craft night last week and let me tell you, for this six month pregnant lady it was wild and crazy. i didn't get home until after 2:30am, but i finished my light fixture and the next morning chris got it installed. i cant even get over how fancy it looks. this is one craft that does not look homemade. we love it.

this has been circling the interwebs for a few days now, so if you've been tempted to give it a try, i highly recommend...

a bright spot in our tiny little room.

big thanks to jane for hosting and big thanks to susan for sewing her fingers to the bone for us till the break of dawn.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


i have been wanting to do a shoot with simone for ages... she isn't usually so fond of the camera, but this particular day all of the stars aligned.

i am using a series of these for her new room. she will just love having photos of herself in there...

the top photo does something to me... like i could sit around and stare at it all day and be satisfied.

simone's darling dress was a gift from my friend nicole of elsa bags... she is one talented lady.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

can i tell you?

about some photos i just uploaded from my phone.

now these make me very, very happy.

simone begged me for those baby press on nails and was so dead serious about them. i couldn't believe how funny her little fingers looked with long, pink tipped, glitter nails.

and please, i cant even handle estee laughing her head off while playing with her barbie car.

this is a picture i took with my phone of estee's school picture (that's why it's fuzzy). i think its the most darling thing in the world.

this photo just makes me happy. i sure love those little girls of mine.

estee was digging in my closet trying on clothes and i snapped a photo of all the outfits she put together. this one kills me though because i think you can really see what she is going to look like as a teen queen. uh oh.

i had a little bit of a hormonal meltdown this morning when estee spilled an entire yogurt drink all over herself and my rug in the living room right as she was walking out the door for school. i felt terrible the whole time she was gone because i was so busy cleaning the mess in frustration that i didn't give her the usual happy, loving, kiss and hugs send off. i picked her up early from school and we partied the day away.

isn't it funny how when they are tucked away in bed i look through all my photos and wonder how i could ever get frustrated with these little angels... i'm not too hard on myself though, i think that's just part of being a mom. and i can always be better next time.

* estee's dress in in her school photo and the skirt on simone in the bottom photo of my last post are both by a darling company called right bank babies one of the designers reads my blog and left a comment to let me know, isn't that funny :) you need to check out the darling clothes they have... we have quite a few things and the girls can't go anywhere without people asking where we got them... link here

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

wish i were blogging more.

if i were i would have told you lots of stories about my little girls and funny things they say and do. i would have told you all about how chris and i celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary (and how he got sick while we were out to dinner and how i pretty much ate the hugest meal alone) and how estee has been having lots of stomach aches and she goes in for an x-ray at primary children's tomorrow and i am totally nervous about it. or about how my mom has been in town and all the movies and dinners and fun we have had. i also would have raved about bookclub this month and how fun it was to see all the ladies :)

but, i haven't and that makes me so sad. except now, i guess i kind of have :)

but here is a cute photo of simone...

and here i am with my girlies.

*my mom told me this photo is false advertising and that i am actually showing much more than you can tell, ha. she is probably right! :)