Wednesday, March 16, 2011

can i tell you?

about some photos i just uploaded from my phone.

now these make me very, very happy.

simone begged me for those baby press on nails and was so dead serious about them. i couldn't believe how funny her little fingers looked with long, pink tipped, glitter nails.

and please, i cant even handle estee laughing her head off while playing with her barbie car.

this is a picture i took with my phone of estee's school picture (that's why it's fuzzy). i think its the most darling thing in the world.

this photo just makes me happy. i sure love those little girls of mine.

estee was digging in my closet trying on clothes and i snapped a photo of all the outfits she put together. this one kills me though because i think you can really see what she is going to look like as a teen queen. uh oh.

i had a little bit of a hormonal meltdown this morning when estee spilled an entire yogurt drink all over herself and my rug in the living room right as she was walking out the door for school. i felt terrible the whole time she was gone because i was so busy cleaning the mess in frustration that i didn't give her the usual happy, loving, kiss and hugs send off. i picked her up early from school and we partied the day away.

isn't it funny how when they are tucked away in bed i look through all my photos and wonder how i could ever get frustrated with these little angels... i'm not too hard on myself though, i think that's just part of being a mom. and i can always be better next time.

* estee's dress in in her school photo and the skirt on simone in the bottom photo of my last post are both by a darling company called right bank babies one of the designers reads my blog and left a comment to let me know, isn't that funny :) you need to check out the darling clothes they have... we have quite a few things and the girls can't go anywhere without people asking where we got them... link here


Mary said...

I love this post!!! Those girls are cuter than ever...

Erin said...

I LOVE their poses, they are so serious!