Thursday, April 28, 2011

summer shirt...

my absolute favorite thing to do lately is put my headphones in and get lost in the world of jane eyre as i sew to my hearts content. i have made the girls a few summer dresses from the same pattern as the easter dresses (very plain but also very cute in different fabrics) and i also made this little summer shirt for simone. i plan of playing with the pattern a bit, making some longer, maybe even a dress and changing the neckline to boat neck for a couple too. i think it is the perfect summer shirt.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

what a day...

it was a pretty crazy morning to say the least. but we managed to have a wonderful day after the bumpy start (a trip for me to labor and delivery to have baby monitored. thankfully, all is well!) i got home just in time to get the girls all gussied in their new dresses so we could catch the end of church. it was just what i needed to calm my troubled heart.

did i mention i sewed their dresses with my own two hands? they may not look like much, but for this beginning sewer they were a real labor of love. i am so happy with how they turned out and cant believe i am actually a bit of a sewer now :) i am going to pretty much make their entire summer wardrobe. i cant wait. the best part was how much they loved them.

easter is always such a wonderful time for me to reflect and feel real gratitude for the miracles in my life. i am so grateful.

Friday, April 22, 2011

30 weeks!

well, i think 30 weeks is kind of a big deal. i cant believe in only about 2 months we will be meeting baby boy. we are beyond excited. i am working like a mad lady on baby's nursery and i am getting so excited as everything is getting delivered and coming together.

cant wait to share!

*also, i have been living in my new maternity jeans from my cousin thomas and his wife jessica. they have a great ebay store with tons of re-purposed designer jeans that they have made into maternity jeans. i love mine because they stay up and are so comfy but also totally flattering and still really, really cute. if you are pregnant definitely check them out here...

i just have to mention that it has been a rough week around here, though. my heart is broken for my sissy. i cant tell you how excited we were to be pregnant together and to have babies just 5 months apart. but it wasn't to be. and ann is so amazing and strong and doing so good. but still, please think of her in your prayers. thanks.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


we have decided to cloth diaper this time around. mostly because both of my girls had terrible diaper rashes constantly no matter how often we changed and we are hoping to remedy that with baby boy by cloth diapering. also, we are really working hard on reducing our carbon footprint (really need to see what we can do about the big suv i drive around in!)

anyway, i have been researching like crazy and i for sure want to go the pocket route with the option of disposable inserts as well as washable. the two i seem to keep coming back to are charlie banana and flip. please let me know if you use either or have used both and what you prefer?!? or if you use another brand and totally love it...?

thanks :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

kate quinn organics...

remember when i blogged about my new kate quinn organic layette that is so very soft and buttery? well, they are on the mini social today for a steal... and maybe i even ordered some more.

run, dont walk (they will go fast) here is a link to sign up...

Monday, April 11, 2011

for sale...

if you are interested and local, i just listed all of the girls bedroom furniture on ksl... sad to see it go but all of the furniture is built-in to their new rooms.

Friday, April 08, 2011

sunburst mirror...

i just ordered this darling mirror that is on sale today on one kings lane for $39.00 (shipping is only $7.95) such a steal... run don't walk.

use this link and sign up, they have great sales...

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

almost six.

here is my estee. my very first baby. i am so crazy in love with this little girl.

you should know that she is really, really funny, so smart and oh so tenderhearted.

and also, she can be completely spicy too.

can you even believe how big she is getting? and i was saying how big she looked to me here just yesterday...

have i mentioned that i wish i had her hair?!?