Saturday, May 21, 2011

dearest baby boy,

i have to tell you all about how much you are loved, already. everyday your big sisters rub my tummy and talk to you and daydream about you and make lots and lots of plans about all the fun you will share.

simone calls you her brudder and it kills me every time.

mommy and daddy cant stop day dreaming (and really night dreaming too) about your arrival "i wonder what he will look like?" we say 10 times a day. and of course marvel over the fact that we haven't officially met you, yet we are totally and completely in love.

grandma saw your photo from an ultrasound i had last week and couldn't stop talking about your perfect profile.

auntie keeps threatening to steal you :)

i am working like crazy to make our home so special and ready for you. you wont know the difference, i realize that... but i still want everything to be perfect.

keep kicking me a lot okay? it makes me so happy. even when it really, really hurts.

love, mommy