Friday, June 17, 2011

let's pretend...

that it's may 31st and that i am writing this on my dear and sweet little girls actual birthday, okay?

okay. :)

estee is 6 and i cant even believe it. even though i was feeling really pregnant and yuck on her big day i still managed to make it pretty special for her (i hope) no big party, but having my parents here and a trip to build a bear seemed to do the trick.

i know you already know how in love with this little girl i am... but i think having baby #3 making his arrival so close (12 days!) i cant help but look at #1 and be amazed by what our relationship has become. she is so bright and funny and beautiful and really, i just love being around her (don't get me started on how hard 1st grade is going to be on me!)

and it's all happened so fast. sigh.

it's a really good thing i'll have a little tiny babe to cuddle and love on in just a couple of weeks... :)

love you so, so much estee bo bestee.

see past birthdays here, here, here here and here and party here


Anonymous said...

She is a beautiful girl and I really admire what an amazing mommy you are. You are so close to meeting your little guy. So exciting! Hope you are doing and feeling well!

sarah marie. said...

i can't believe how big she looks in these!

Jessaca said...

I love the pics...She is such a beautiful girl (like her momma). I just adore how you have all of her birthdays documented through your blog. I loved looking through each one. I feel like I know her and have watched her grow first hand. So amazing!!

Love, Jessaca

Mrs Catch said...

Beautiful photos of a gorgeous girl. Happy birthday!

Mary said...

I too love that girl!