Saturday, June 15, 2013

Greta's room...

We were down to the wire on getting this room finished and since i am a crazy lady who needs every last detailed finalized and finished before baby comes, this project took a real toll on my mental well being there at the end. seems so funny to me now though, i swear... those hormones will get cha.

This little sun room is right off of our bedroom, it's little but turned out being the perfect little space for baby greta, it's so close and convenient, yet completely closed off (there are two french doors that open to her room) so i don't feel like i can hear every single breath (though i guess that might be nice, even though i wouldn't get an ounce of sleep)

we had to refinish the wood floors in both our room and the nursery, paint (i went with plain old white)
and do some serious closet maneuvering to get the room ready to decorate. i wont even go into the window covering debacle because in the end i am obsessed with the curtains and can't believe i was planning on just blinds.

anyway, here it is in all its tiny, tiny glory...

 photo gr1.jpg

 photo gr5.jpg

 photo gr3.jpg

 photo gr4.jpg

 photo gr7.jpg
 photo gr2.jpg

Friday, June 14, 2013

Baby Greta...

I haven't been around these parts in so long, i literally have no clue what i'm doing. For reals, this post has taken me 3 hours to publish. and I'll just be up front and tell you right now... it's nothing special.  Except for what is special is that we welcomed baby number four to our family on May 10th and let me tell you, that was one magical day.

 photo g3.jpg

 Sooo let me introduce you to Greta Furstenau born at 2:54pm on May 10th, weighing 8lbs. 1oz.

 photo g.jpg

 photo greta1web.jpg

She really is just the sweetest baby ever and we are all pretty much obsessed with her.

 photo greta2web.jpg

 photo greta4web.jpg

 photo greta3web.jpg

I'll be back in the next few days to share her nursery, if there is anyone out there who still cares...